Vintage Vinyl Records


The old is often the best – but that doesn’t mean we won’t offer a great online service!

In an age of boy bands that sing ballads, girl bands that barely know what a musical instrument looks like and groups that are better known for their looks than their tunes, the demand for retro is greater than ever.

Nor is it just about the sound. CDs, DVDs, Ipods… all this new technology comes in and out of fashion, here today and gone tomorrow. Here at Northern Records, however, the age of vinyl has never gone away.

There is something truly magical about these flat black vinyl shapes. They simultaneously evoke memories of a past era, bring the music of yesteryear to life and have the aura of something far more valuable than whatever price you put on it.

That’s why Northern Records exists. Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, we are here for the people who love to get their hands on the physical manifestations of the golden age of 20th century music. Like you, we know there are some things that will remain much-loved and cherished long after many of today’s performers have been forgotten.